Marames Chat Actions: some actions require you to be in a specific Powericon level which are identified at the bottom accordingly.

/an fc
Flip a coing and wait for the result.
/an a1 [text]
/an a2 [text]
/an a3 [text]
/an a4 [text]
/an a5 [text]
/an a6 [text]
/an a7 [text]
/an a8 [text]
/an a9 [text]
/an b1 [text]
/an b2 [text]
/an b3 [text]
/an b4 [text]
/an b5 [text]
/an b6 [text]
/an b7 [text]
/an b8 [text]
/an b9 [text]
/an c1 [text]
/an c2 [text]
/an c3 [text]
/an c4 [text]
/an c5 [text]
/an c6 [text]
/an c7 [text]
/an c8 [text]
/an c9 [text]
/an d1 [text]
/an d2 [text]
/an d3 [text]
/an d4 [text]
/an d5 [text]
/an d6 [text]
/an d7 [text]
/an d8 [text]
/an d9 [text]
/an e1 [text]
/an e2 [text]
/an e3 [text]
/an e4 [text]
/an e5 [text]
/an e6 [text]
/an e7 [text]
/an e8 [text]
/an e9 [text]
/an f1 [text]
/an f2 [text]
/an f3 [text]
/an f4 [text]
/an f5 [text]