Why do you want to chat with others?

Marames was built to enjoy chatting with some friends, the idea was to connect with random people while you stay safe and do not disclose your information. this style feels safe for some and not to others, At times you want to talk out what you have in your mind without knowing who the other person is? do you? if yes then Marames is the right place you have landed to chat with a stranger and have fun and win some prizes by end of the month.

Need Help? contact us on: marameshelp@gmail.com | admin@marames.com

What Do We Have

Chat Actions

Chat actions are used in the main chat rooms only, and are animations to express what is in your mind in a fun way. Click Here to access them


When you chat in any main room, you will gain coins, you can use them to access new chat actions and commands, check your profile.


We have monthly questions and quizzes where you can participate and win some lovely prizes. we keep on updating our list of prizes that you can select from.